What is YOR Health? Who is Dennis Wong?

YOR Health Products Team Describes Proper Eating Habits for Consumers

YOR HealthThe YOR Health Products team is adamant about teaching consumers how to succeed in their daily nutritional routines. YOR Health products, including YOR Super Greens, YOR Shake and YOR Digest Ultra have proven to be excellent diet supplement for many people as they venture into a journey of personal weight loss.

Q: When speaking with consumers of YOR Health products, what’s the number–one mistake they make in terms of diet?

YOR Health Products Team: Rule number one: Never eat while watching television, reading the newspaper or any other activity.

Q: Why is eliminating these habits so important?

YOR Health Products Team: Being busy with other activities keeps a person from noticing if he or she is full. On the other hand, eating slowly prevents the act of overeating and allows the digestive system to absorb nutrients properly and break down these foods. Continue reading


Jharal Yow Yeh Pitches YOR Health Products to Superstar Athletes

YOR HealthQ: What’s the athletic background of Jharal Yow Yeh?
YOR Health: Jharal Yow Yeh is an accomplished rugby player at the positions of wing and fullback, achieving a dream that began at the age of 12 when he entered his first rugby league. Over the last two years, he reports tremendous results after incorporating YOR Health products into his dietary program.

Q: When did Jharal begin his professional career?
YOR Health: In 2007, Jharal joined the Brisbane Broncos – a highly successful organization in the Australian Rugby League. He was selected as the best player under the age of 20 for the 2008 season and debuted in the National Rugby League the next year. In 2011, he was chosen as the International Rookie of the Year by a group of league administrators and sporting legends. Continue reading

YOR Health Celebrates New Year with Free Shipping Promotion

YOR HealthQ: What are the qualifications for the YOR Health free shipping promotion?
YOR Health: Our company’s founders wanted all people to start the New Year with renewed focus and determination to improve their lives. Starting on January 5, free shipping and handling is available to any customers who purchase a Customized Challenge, Best Body or Family Set.

Q: How can YOR Health customers take advantage of this offer?
YOR Health: The referred friends of all customers are eligible to receive free shipping and handling as well. People tend to be more motivated to lose weight when they work in tandem with family members and friends. That’s why the “Free with 3” program has proven to be such a success. Continue reading

YOR Health Represents the Future of Nutrition

YOR HealthYears of living beyond our means and coercion from financial institutions have finally caught up with us on a global scale, says YOR Health, marking the most tragic global financial crisis in history. However, we are not just living beyond our means in financial terms but also in ecological ones. According to YOR Health, ecological debt occurs when humanity uses up more of the earth’s resources than its capacity to regenerate.
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Interview with Cus Fragoso & Azyadeh Gutiérrez: YOR Health Shares Our Values

YOR-Health-Cus-Gragoso-Azyadeh-GutierrezRecently YOR Health chatted with Cus Fragoso and Azyadeh Gutierrez, of Leon, Mexico. Cus and Azyadeh are familiar with the trials of hard work and determination, and are rightly proud of their integrity and moral fiber. For years, Cus and Azyadeh were looking for a way to move ahead and build better lives, while keeping the same sense of tradition and decency. We want to thank Cus and Azyadeh for sharing their stories with YOR Health.

YOR Health: Tell us a little about your backgrounds and what brought you to YOR Health…

We both come from hard working families with very good values. We always had the idea of having a career in a big company, work for many years and raise the money to start a business of our own. We worked very hard, but no matter what we did, our situation didn’t change. We lived from hand to mouth, worried and almost without hope for things to change. It was at that time that we started with YOR Health.
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YOR Health Announces Breakthrough Innovation in Nutrition

YOR HealthAccording to the team at YOR Health, the YOR NDS™ is a breakthrough innovation in nutrition. It represents forward thinking and creates new standards and solutions to solve existing problems.

Just what is innovation? In the economy, innovation is the catalyst to growth. It represents forward thinking and creates new standards and solutions to solve existing problems. We have a global problem with nutrition. After significant research, testing, and development, YOR Health created the proprietary enzyme blend comprising YOR NDS and found a way to improve nutrient absorption in order to maximize the benefits of nutritional intake. This innovation is exclusive to YOR Health and has taken the YOR Health premium line of products to a whole new level, by combining maximum absorption with proven science and results.
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YOR Health – Conversation with Michael Mo

YOR HealthParamus, New Jersey resident Michael Mo talks to us today about his experience with YOR Health. Michael went through a series of life-changing events that gave him an entirely new perspective and direction. At the back end of that chain of events, he decided that it was time to take the bull by the horns and take charge of his own destiny, while helping others. We’re grateful to Michael Mo for being so candid and open with us in discussing what’s happened in his life, and what brought him to be involved with YOR Health.

YOR Health: Michael, please tell us about what brought you to YOR Health and how you became part of the YOR family.

Michael Mo: I became an entrepreneur with YOR Health because I knew I needed to do something different to help my family. My brother and sister are older than I am and were geniuses in school. But I was the black sheep and the complete opposite of them. My parents encouraged me to do something with computers, so I did that in college. I wasn’t content, but I just settled.

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