What is YOR Health? Who is Dennis Wong?

About YOR Health

YOR--Health-Square-LTBLUEYOR Health began in 2008 with a mission of enriching people through opportunities for better health and well-being. One of the things that make YOR Health unique is the company’s devotion to nurturing the overall happiness of customers, going beyond simply providing nutritional supplements to make them healthier. With its unique enzyme blend, YOR Nutritional Delivery System (YOR NDS), the company has been able to offer customers maximum nutrient absorption through their premium – quality line of nutritional products.

The backbone of YOR Health is a strong community of customers. Through conventions and other events, customers are brought together to share ideas and encourage each other, which serves to ensure ongoing success. Based in Irvine, California, the company reaches out to people through social media, its website, and word-of-mouth.

YOR Health focuses on products that increase the body’s natural response to nutrients, naturally cultivating better health. The soil of today lacks the rich nutrients of generations past, making it necessary for humans to eat far more today for the same benefits as our ancestors. Through its YOR NDS, YOR Health is able to ramp up the body’s release of enzymes and transport of nutrients to increase overall health.

Utilizing both nutritional supplements and meal replacement shakes, YOR Health provides members a delicious, convenient way to get maximum benefits from its products. Each of the items YOR Health sells is made from the highest-quality products found around the globe. The company carefully tests each item for quality before selling it.

In addition to its products, YOR Health works hard to promote the health of customers by providing a body transformation program. This is an ongoing program called the YOR Best Body 8-Week Challenge and it encourages YOR Health customers to participate in a competition to improve personal fitness in exchange for prizes. Each year, members gather together at the YOR Health Annual Conference, where they award thousands of dollars in prizes to the YOR Best Body Champions who have had the most impressive results.