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YOR Health Products Go Well with the New Short Shaker Cup

YOR HealthYOR Health products taste great in the new YOR Short Shaker Cup, which couples a unique design with the utmost convenience. Recently introduced to the YOR Health products line, the Short Shaker Cup is sure to keep customers satisfied as they continue down the road towards nutritional excellence.


The best part about the YOR Short Shaker Cup? Price. The YOR Short Shaker Cup is no more expensive than other shaker cups currently available from YOR Health. Products like the YOR Super Greens are a perfect fit for this one-of-a-kind container.


With the ability to hold 500 millimeters of YOR Health shakes, the Short Shaker Cup is the right size for any and all YOR Health products. For today’s busy commuters, travel is made easier when riding along with the Short Shaker Cup. It fits comfortably into cup holders of most cars and trucks. Drivers never have to worry about spills and splatters either. With a handy screw-on lid, the Short Shaker Cup has been developed as a leak-free container.


The Short Shaker Cup is 6.5 inches tall and 3 inches wide. To ease any confusion, it is marked with clear and easy-to-read numbers listed in two different measurements: ounces and millimeters.


As sleek as a new sports car, the Short Shaker Cup is appealing to the eye and garners attention right from the first glance. Enjoy the refreshing taste of YOR Shake and other YOR Health products while marveling at the simply beautiful design.


Utilizing the newest technology available on the market, the Short Shaker Cup comes equipped with a sturdy plastic strainer. Consumers of YOR Health products will enjoy a smooth and creamy mix when whipping up these tasty shakes. By employing the plastic strainer, their creative concoctions have the right flavor and texture. After finishing this delicious drink, simply remove the plastic strainer for cleaning and then pop it back on again when necessary.




Author: YOR Health

YOR Health is an Irvine, California-based company specializing in products to help customers lead healthier, happier lives. With a full line of premium-quality nutritional supplements and meal replacement shakes, YOR Health appeals to a wide variety of health-conscious people around the globe. The company’s focus is primarily on the customers it serves, believing that providing YOR Health customers with a better sense of well-being and overall health is key to success. Through encouraging healthy decisions, YOR Health has created a client base of loyal customers who are passionate and enthusiastic about the company. Each YOR HEALTH product is formulated from the highest-quality ingredients and tested for safety before being released to the public.

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