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YOR Health Announces Breakthrough Innovation in Nutrition

YOR HealthAccording to the team at YOR Health, the YOR NDS™ is a breakthrough innovation in nutrition. It represents forward thinking and creates new standards and solutions to solve existing problems.

Just what is innovation? In the economy, innovation is the catalyst to growth. It represents forward thinking and creates new standards and solutions to solve existing problems. We have a global problem with nutrition. After significant research, testing, and development, YOR Health created the proprietary enzyme blend comprising YOR NDS and found a way to improve nutrient absorption in order to maximize the benefits of nutritional intake. This innovation is exclusive to YOR Health and has taken the YOR Health premium line of products to a whole new level, by combining maximum absorption with proven science and results.


The key to lasting health will leverage the wisdom of nature with the science and technology of the future. YOR NDS is composed of natural and gentle plant based enzymes. Enzymes are found in raw foods and plants, and they are responsible for delivering all the nutrients required for health. Nutrients cannot be utilized in the body without enzymes. But what elevates YOR NDS to a higher level is the smart design and perfect balance between science and nature. Through clinical testing, YOR Health has determined the precise amount and type of natural enzymes in a proprietary blend required to improve nutritional status, and leveraged the science of human clinical results to back it up.


There are many levels and steps to quality. In order to have the best end product, YOR Health starts with the best ingredients, and partners with the number one enzyme producer in the world to create YOR NDS. Furthermore, YOR Health has installed several tiers of checks and balances in order to lab test and cross-reference our products for purity and potency. Meeting the safety expectations of our customers is very important to us, and YOR Health manufactures all products under current Good Manufacturing Practices. The YOR NDS blend is a product of the YOR Health due diligence to quality. It is composed of plant-based enzymes and is safe for people of all ages. The Tokyo Metropolitan Institute of Gerontology demonstrated this when they put the product safely to use in the clinical study of the frail elderly participants. Not only did the study report few side effects from the vulnerable institutionalized seniors, it boosted their overall nutritional status, supporting better overall health.


In a vast economy of market competitors it can be hard to distinguish what products are actually credible and which ones deliver results. In this economic climate, YOR Health understands how important it is for consumers to maximize their personal return on investment. For all of the time, dollars, and emotions you spend working on your health, YOR Health wants to give you more back. That is why it is our goal to seek out the truth about lasting health, and provide you with real solutions and proven results. And YOR NDS does just that. To further support you and your family in your efforts to stay healthy, YOR Health has inserted the patent-protected YOR NDS into our products to maximize the nutritional benefits and support you on your journey to better health. So why take chances when it comes to your health? Especially when you can have guaranteed results.

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Author: YOR Health

YOR Health is an Irvine, California-based company specializing in products to help customers lead healthier, happier lives. With a full line of premium-quality nutritional supplements and meal replacement shakes, YOR Health appeals to a wide variety of health-conscious people around the globe. The company’s focus is primarily on the customers it serves, believing that providing YOR Health customers with a better sense of well-being and overall health is key to success. Through encouraging healthy decisions, YOR Health has created a client base of loyal customers who are passionate and enthusiastic about the company. Each YOR HEALTH product is formulated from the highest-quality ingredients and tested for safety before being released to the public.

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