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YOR HealthParamus, New Jersey resident Michael Mo talks to us today about his experience with YOR Health. Michael went through a series of life-changing events that gave him an entirely new perspective and direction. At the back end of that chain of events, he decided that it was time to take the bull by the horns and take charge of his own destiny, while helping others. We’re grateful to Michael Mo for being so candid and open with us in discussing what’s happened in his life, and what brought him to be involved with YOR Health.

YOR Health: Michael, please tell us about what brought you to YOR Health and how you became part of the YOR family.

Michael Mo: I became an entrepreneur with YOR Health because I knew I needed to do something different to help my family. My brother and sister are older than I am and were geniuses in school. But I was the black sheep and the complete opposite of them. My parents encouraged me to do something with computers, so I did that in college. I wasn’t content, but I just settled.

The wakeup call for me was when my father suffered a heart attack. I witnessed my father in tears because he was in so much pain. I remember grabbing onto his arms and telling him that we were going to get through it together. At that moment, our roles of father and son had reversed.

YOR Health: I can see how that would cause a great deal of reflection and soul-searching on your part.

Michael Mo: The after effects of that stayed with me in my psyche. I learned two very important lessons from that experience. First, your health is imperative. My parents always taught me to climb up the social ladder, but taking care of our health was always on the back burner.
Thankfully, my father survived that experience. We feel very blessed that he is alive and able to celebrate my success with me.

The second lesson that I learned came from a deep feeling of regret after my father’s experience. I came to understand the importance of time. I regretted not spending more time with my loved ones and often wondered why I didn’t tell them I loved them more.

YOR Health: That certainly is a life-changing turn of events for just about anyone. What happened then?

Michael Mo: After my father’s surgery, he couldn’t work and since he was the main breadwinner in the family, that affected us financially. My older brother and sister already had successful jobs, but they could really only afford to maintain their own lifestyle. I witnessed my father trying to speed up his recovery and skip steps so he could get back to work. Seeing him take those shortcuts motivated me to want to make a difference. And that’s when I met Dennis Wong. That’s when I began my entrepreneurial career. I was never interested in business before. I was interested in music and the performing arts. Confidence was not my forte, and I didn’t like sales. However, Dennis said something in a presentation that really struck me. He asked, “If your thoughts and beliefs have gotten you to where you are today, are you happy with your results? If not, what makes you think that you can stick with the same thoughts and beliefs and think things will change?” When I heard those questions, I thought, “I am not happy.” My family was going through the biggest obstacles they’ve ever gone through in their lives and I was helpless to be able to do anything about it.

YOR Health: How did things turn out after this change of heart?

Michael Mo: I participated in YOR Health not for the money but for the freedom to have options. I was recently able to purchase a beautiful home thanks to YOR Health, but having the options to take care of my family today is a greater milestone for me.

My responsibilities with YOR Health go beyond just distributing premium-quality products. As the Master Independent Representative, I work as a liaison between YOR Health and the IRs. I travel from city to city to provide developmental step-by-step instruction to help IRs establish their system.

YOR Health: That sounds like a very fulfilling direction that your life has taken. Where do things stand now?

Michael Mo: Even though I am more established today, my WHY is to continue to pay all the blessings that I have received forward to the next generation. I find fulfillment in helping people make their dreams come true. Through my story, I hope to be able to inspire people to see light through some of their darkest challenges and that there is step-by-step developmental instruction and true support with YOR Health.


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