What is YOR Health? Who is Dennis Wong?

Dennis Wong, YOR Health Co-Founder, says December is for Giving

Dennis Wong YOR HealthIrvine, California-based YOR Health is known for helping people across the globe master their body transformation aspirations. Now, the globally celebrated nutrition company is giving away free pocket calendars to help these same health-minded individuals keep track of their goals on-the-go. Co-founder Dennis Wong of YOR Health explains.

Q: How do IRs and customers receive their free gift?

Dennis Wong: Starting in mid-December 2014, all AutoShip orders will be packaged with the calendars. We are so excited to be able to offer this gift as a small token of our appreciation. We hope that the laser engraved cover reminds our IRs and customers that YOR Health is a company committed to being there with them, as they complete their journeys.

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YOR Health Success Stories

To “Live Bare” is to lead a more authentic lifestyle, free of harmful chemicals and complex artificial products by embracing natural, healthful alternatives. This movement has transformed many lives, improving health, well-being, and beauty with all-natural components.

Bare Living products by YOR Health are made with natural ingredients and no harmful additives. Bare Living products are free of:

  • Parabens
  • Sulfates
  • Petroleum distillates and byproducts
  • Synthetic colors and fragrances

Bare Living products only contain carefully-sourced natural ingredients from around the world. Essential oils and plant extracts provide cleansing power while keeping the effects gentle even for the most sensitive skin. Natural fragrances stimulate the senses, promoting calm and peace while the ingredients invigorate the skin and hair.

YOR Health Promoters are a dedicated team of consumers who have incorporated the Live Bare philosophy into their daily lives. These Promoters then share information and tips with others as a means of helping others live healthier, more authentic lives. Some of the success stories of Promoters and their use of Bare Living products have been nothing less than incredible.

Many Bare Living users report clearer skin and healthier hair growth after switching from harmful beauty products containing harsh chemicals and artificial ingredients. Acne breakouts were reduced, hair gained volume and luster, and skin tones improved with the use of these all-natural Bare Living products.

Other Promoters have seen a more youthful appearance when switching to Living Bare products. The anti-aging and antioxidant properties of the Bare Oils blends work to promote healthy skin cell production, reversing the signs of aging by reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Promoters around the world swear by the life-affirming properties and natural ingredients in Living Bare Products proudly made by YOR Health.  


YOR Health Offers Low-Fat, Great-Tasting YOR Chocolate and Peanut Butter Protein Balls

YOR-CHOCOLATE-PB-PROTEIN-BALLThe founders of YOR Health are raving about a new recipe circulating throughout their office: the YOR Chocolate and Peanut Butter Protein Balls. Packed with flavors and featuring their popular YOR Shake Chocolate, these delicacies are a standout at any party or gathering during the holiday season.

Q: What are the ingredients in the chocolate and peanut butter protein balls?

YOR Health: Besides chocolate and peanut butter, of course, this recipe includes honey, steel cut oats and unsweetened shredded coconut. Exact measurements can be found on our website at yorhealth.com. The recipe is for 10 servings and so  easy to make! Continue reading

YOR Health Presents Pink YOR Short Shaker Cups

YOR HealthPink is the official color of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, observed each October to spread the word of this devastating disease, according to the team at YOR. Charitable organizations and community groups throughout the United States stand together on a mission to raise funds for breast cancer prevention research.

The Customers and Independent Representatives of YOR Health are at the forefront of this movement, supporting progress and inspiring hope in communities around the world.

This past October, YOR Health shipped a free pink YOR Short Shaker Cup with each order. Additionally, all orders submitted to YOR Health in the month of October resulted in a 50-cent donation to the Susan G. Komen Foundation. Continue reading

YOR Health Garners Membership with Direct Selling Association of Australia

YOR HealthSince 2010, YOR Health has proudly served as an active member of the Direct Selling Association (DSA). Now the company is thrilled to join the Direct Selling Association of Australia (DSAA). YOR Health looks forward to maintaining the noble goals and ethical standards of this respected organization.

The Direct Selling Association of Australia (DSAA) has been in operation for nearly 50 years, reports a spokesperson from YOR Health. The DSAA currently features over 70 members and is dedicated to maintaining the highest standards in business. A rewarding experience for sellers and buyers, direct selling is the practice of independent salespeople selling services and goods to consumers in their meeting places, workplaces or homes. The DSAA helps promote, serve and protect members while building awareness among consumer groups, consumers, media and the government. Continue reading

YOR Health on the Need to Be Relentless

YOR HealthIn a recent YOR Health webinar, Dennis Wong shared lessons learned from fitness trainer and consultant, Tim Grover. The following Q&A covers messages shared in Tim’s new book, Relentless. An expert adviser for many international athletes, Grover has learned how to develop people into motivated leaders who can address some of life’s biggest challenges and create powerful solutions.

Q: With regards to your consumers, what does the word “relentless” mean?

YOR Health: “Relentless” should be a perpetual state of mind for our customers. By showing a dogged determination at all times, people increase their odds of establishing personal and professional lives that are successful and incredibly satisfying. Our leaders wish health and happiness for everyone associated with the company. Continue reading